Aims and Scope

The International Journal of Engineering Mathematics and Physics (IJEMAPS) publishes original papers on all subjects relevant to engineering fields, applied mathematics, computational and theoretical physics, and computational biology. The journal also welcomes reserachers studying nonlinear sciences, numerical methods, computer sciences and those who study nonlinear problems arising in various fields covering biology, chemistry, medicine and etc.

The IJEMAPS provides an electronic platform for the rapid publication of original researches in the topics mentioned above. Symbolic manipulation, numerical simulations, faster algorithms and chaos researches are also investigated.

Editorial Board


Ma, Wen-Xiu ( University of South Florida, USA ) (Mathematics, Physics)
Korkmaz, Alper ( IJEMAPS, Germany ) (Mathematics, Engineering)

Editorial Board Members


Atangana, Abdon ( University of Free State, South Africa )

Garra, Roberto ( Sapienza University of Rome, Italy )

Khan, Kamruzzaman ( Pabna University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh )

Ling, Liming ( South China University of Technology, PR China)

Lupulescu, Vasile ( University Constantin Brâncuşi of Târgu-Jiu, Romania )

Mittal, R.C. ( Indian Institute of Technology Roorke, India )

Raza, Nauman ( University of the Punjab, Pakistan )

Rezazadeh, Hadi ( Amol University of Special Modern Technologies, Iran )

Sulaiman, Tukur Abdulkadir ( Federal University Dutse, Nigeria )


Liu, Ping ( University of Electronic Science and Technology, PR China )

Engineering Sciences

Bratsos, Athanasios G. ( University of West Attica, Greece )

Civelek, Turhan (University of Köln, Germany)

Hristov, Jordan Yankov ( University of Chemical  Technology and Metallurgy, Bulgaria )

Khodadad, Farid Samsami ( Amol University of Special Modern Technologies, Iran )

Tala, Eric ( Université de Dschang, Cameroon )

Tornabene, Francesco ( University of Bologna, Italy )

Zhou, Qin ( Wuhan Donghu University, PR China )